Arizer Air


Arizer Tech from Canada is a well-known and well-respected name in the vaporizer scene. They are the brains behind the acclaimed Arizer Solo portable vaporizer and the Extreme-Q and V-Tower home vaporizers.

The Arizer Air is in every way a new, improved version of the Arizer Solo. The Air vaporizer is smaller than its predecessor but just as portable and easy to use. Thanks to improvements to the ceramic heating system, it delivers even better performance in all areas.

A classic vaporizer equipped with the latest technology to give you the very best vaporizer experience. With the Air, Arizer proves once again that they are the undisputed vaporizer experts.


Compact and lightweight

The Arizer Air is thinner than the Solo and is 12.2 cm long and 2.9 cm wide. But make no mistake, the smaller shape doesn't mean the device is less durable; the Air is protected by a tough outer shell and comes with a silicone sleeve to keep your vaporizer in pristine condition.

It is the ideal vaporizer to take with you wherever you go.


Great taste

The days of plastic or metallic taste when using a portable vaporizer are a thing of the past. The Arizer Air is equipped with a ceramic heating element and high-quality glass mouthpieces, as well as an advanced temperature control system that adjusts the heating during use. This means you only inhale the thickest and tastiest vapors - the pure essence of your herbs!

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