Dabbie Portable E-nail

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Dabbie Portable E-nail


Note: this product does not vaporize herbs, it is only intended for concentrates (dabs).

Dabbie is a portable e-nail and bubbler designed to give you powerful dabs of extracts and oils wherever you go.

Elegant, fast and easy to use. The Dabbie uses a grade 2 titanium nail that reaches a dabbing temperature of 304 ° C within 20 seconds. The nail is heated by a ceramic ring and the material all around is made of heat resistant Teflon, for maximum peace of mind.


Included in the package: an ingenious spill-proof glass bubbler with integrated dome for a pleasant experience every time!

Dabbie features a removable 18650 battery that is powerful enough to last up to 40 dabs and is easy to charge via micro USB.



  • Dabbie portable e-nail
  • Lithium battery
  • Magnetic stainless steel carb cap with interchangeable dabber
  • Magnetic base
  • Grade 2 titanium nails x 2
  • USB charging cable
  • Spill resistant glass bubbler
  • Flight case
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