Mister Maka Microdosing Pack – 6x 1 gram

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Mister Maka Microdosing Pack – 6x 1 gram

It is best to take a microdose in the morning. For the best results, stick to the following dosing schedule; day 1; take a dose

day 2; experience the after effects

day 3; no dosage

day 4; take dose

Continue to microdose twice a week for several weeks. Make notes about your experiences at the moment, the short term and the long term given your mood, energy and social behavior. We do not recommend microdosing daily for longer than a few months. You may be building up tolerance or experiencing adverse health effects. Keep refrigerated (4-8'c) After opening, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. Use the product within 3 months of receipt.

Side effects;

The risk of unpleasant side effects is very low if you stick to the recommended low doses. However, if you feel like you've overused a little, sit back and relax. The effects will naturally fade over time. The most important thing is to stay calm and breathe calmly. Take some sugar or vitamin C.

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