PAX Mini Charger USB

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PAX Mini Charger USB

PAX vaporizer devices are created for daily and regular use, so users might want to take it with them everywhere they go. A device like this demands a charger that is easy to carry and practical. The PAX Mini Charge USB is that charger.


This charger is compatible with PAX 2 and PAX 3 devices.


Small But Useful

A small and handy USB charger that users can keep in their bag or pocket without wasting space or inconvenience. With USB charging, users can charge their PAX devices anywhere, there are no limits to the PAX experience.


PAX Mini Charge USB works by induction, this means that users don’t need to plug the device in, just place it on the charger base. And thanks to the magnets, users can even charge the device from their pocket or bag via an external battery.


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