Salvia Divinorum Leaf - 10 gram


Salvia divinorum is one of the sacred plants of the Mazatec Indians. The leaves are chewed for about half an hour, after which the consciousness enters another dimension. The effect of Salvia cannot be compared with that of other hallucinogens. *



At lower doses, it induces a dreamy state of consciousness and can calm the mind during meditation. At higher doses it generates a radically altered state of consciousness. In this state one does not experience time, space and one's own thoughts in the usual way. The effects of salvia consumed orally last for approximately two hours.



The most effective way to consume Salvia is to chew the leaves for about half an hour so that the active ingredients can be absorbed by the blood vessels and mucous membranes in your mouth. Usually 8 to 20 leaves are enough.

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