VapCap DynaCoil

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The DynaCoil is a concentrate adapter specially designed by DynaVap, made from a single piece of titanium. The coil can be used with full melt and semi-solid concentrates, as well as thick oils and liquids. The shark tooth pattern of the coil keeps the concentrates in place and offers enough space for the vapor.

Compatible with all VapCap vaporizers.


DynaCoil tips

  • It is recommended to first carefully remove the screen from your VapCap
  • Place the DynaCoil in the tip, the bottom part of the letters first
  • Give a slight turn clockwise while inserting so that the coil goes in completely
  • It is important that the coil is fully inserted and does not touch the cap
  • With concentrates it is useful to heat the cap slightly lower. This results in a higher temperature
  • Clean the coil by placing it in a container with some cleaning fluid
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