Viagel Men 30ml


Viagel Men is a very pleasant and erotic stimulating gel for the male genitalia. Let Viagel Men increase the sensitivity of your genitalia and enjoy an even more intense penetration!



Apply Viagel Men to the penis or have your partner do this. Viagel Men improves the blood supply, creating a wonderful tingling sensation. This tingling increases the sensitivity of the genitalia and stimulates the penis. This increases the sex drive, making the penis even harder.

Because the genitals are extra sensitive, a more intense orgasm can also be experienced. Viagel Men 's intense feelings last for half an hour or more. However, this differs per person. With regular use, Viagel Men works more and more effectively. Due to the fresh smell and taste, Viagel Men can also be used for oral sex!



  • Apply as much gel as desired on the genitals.
  • Repeat as often as desired.


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