Volcano Digit (Easy Valve)

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The Volcano vaporizer releases aromas and active ingredients from plant material by evaporation with hot air. The optimal treatment of the active ingredients reduces the development of harmful substances and odors to a minimum. This also makes it very pleasant to use for non-smokers.

An additional advantage of the Volcano is the efficiency of the active ingredients, which is 3-4 times higher compared to smoking. This means that the purchase of the device is quickly recouped.

With the patented and unique Volcano-System technology, the air enriched with aromatic and active vapors is first led through the valve into a balloon and then made available to the user separately from the device. In this way, the absorption of the active substances can take place in peace, comfort and safety. The Volcano is regarded by specialists as the most advanced and professional vaporizer. The precision and reliability of the temperature control is unmatched in practice and sets new standards among vaporizers.

Uncompromising in the choice of materials, clean in processing and practical in form, the Volcano combines simple handling, high safety and particularly good efficiency.

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