GrinderVac 0,07 liter/Up To 10 g Black Cap/Black Body

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The unique patented closure system of TightVac helps you with a multitude of everyday storage issues, providing solutions for most everthing. TightVac is air tight, water resistant and smellproof. TightVac keeps the precious aromas of your goods sealed inside the contaner, so the original flavor of your herbs, food, coffee or tea is kept intact longer than in any other container on the market. They also keep what's inside absolutely free from external influences like bug and pest infestation or noxious smells that could otherwise infiltrate your product. TightVac comes in 11 different sizes. The fact that the containers are also available in clear, tinted or solid styles with a variation of colored caps separates them from the average container on the market and gives them a broader range of storage styles for light sensitive goods and greater organizational options. TightVac is a patented vacuum-sealed food storage container that keeps items fresh up to 3x longer than conventional containers.

Extra informatie:

  • Military Grade Plastic - Super Strong
  • Dimensions:  1" tall x 3" / 0,07 liters
  • Capacity: can hold up to 10 g
  • Color: Black Cap/Black Body


  • GrinderVac 0,07 liter
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