RAW Classic 12 Inch (30 cm) Supernatural Papers

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RAW Huge Natural Rolling Papers - Possibly the largest natural made cigarette rolling paper in the world! RAW Huge set a new precedent for the RAW Rolling Paper company these papers are a foot long and are made to the same exacting standards as the usual RAW Papers. Made by artisans in Alcoy, Spain these huge papers are sure to be a winner at parties and when wanting a longer smoother smoking experience. The choice is clear choose RAW rolling papers for a totally natural paper. RAW also have there own exclusive cross pattern watermark, which minimises runs and odd burning of the papers. Hold these beautifully translucent papers up to the light and you see the honey golden brown natural colour of these rolling papers criss crossed with their patent pending watermark! A true artisan rolling paper in every sense of the word with over 100 years of history poured lovingly into every packet of natural rolling papers produced.



  • RAW Classic 12 Inch (30 cm) Supernatural Papers
  • 20 leaves per pack
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