RAW Hemp Plastic Adjustable Roller 79 mm

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RAW Rollers are NOT MADE IN CHINA and are NOT CONVENTIONAL PLASTIC! Hello and welcome to a truly unique Rolling Machine. Others may appear similar, but after a month they are usually broken. RAW rollers usually last a lifetime. That is the ultimate in sustainability – a product that sustains itself by simply being well built and well designed.
RAW rollers are made using specially produced German Hemp Plastic. We then use a special eco-friendly cold-injection process. Our rolling aprons use double thick vinyl with high tensile strength – they too are designed to last.
Our factory knows how to make high quality rollers that last for tens of thousands of rolls and we think quality is more important than costs.
Additional inforation:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 70 mm
  • RAW Hemp Plastic Adjustable Roller
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