After C


Effect: recovery after cocaine use


Information: Almost everyone who uses cocaine is familiar with the hangover effects in the following days. the party was great but now you have that coke hangover for another 3 days. After C contains just all those substances that your body and mind need so badly. By taking After C, the most important Vitamins are replenished, the 5HTP improves the mood and gives Guarana the energy boost you so desperately need. Take all 4 pills / capsules with water



  • 5HTP
  • Vitamin C and B,
  • Guarana


After-C makes no health claims. Use, other than the instructions for use, is entirely at your own risk! After-C should not be used during pregnancy, and not by breastfeeding women. People taking MAO inhibitors or other antidepressants should first contact their doctor.

Allergy Information: contains pina oil.

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