Rapé speaks you like Ha-Pay. It is a snuff used by Brazilian native tribes. The main component of Rapé is always finely ground tobacco leaf, Nicotiana Rustica. This tobacco leaf contains a high nicotine content, and because nicotine has a stimulating effect, Rapé has a boosting effect! For Rapé you can use a self-applicator pipe, called 'Kuripe'.

Rapé is a composite whole of various plants that grow in the Amazon. The main ingredient is Nicotiana Rustica.

Rapé can cause both a stimulating and a psychoactive effect. That depends on which plants are used to make it. When it is used during shamanic rituals, the profound experiences can generate. Rapé is holy for shamans. Enriched with other vegetable components, or alkaline axis. These can be tonkabons, cinnamon, camphor, banana peels and other materials. Some rapé preparations contain hallucinogenic plants such as macambo, anadenanthera, psychotria viridis, virola, and more. Tribal and cultures in which the shamanism is operated normally keep the ingredients of their rapesia secret.

The effect of rapé is a kind of intense blow to your mind, where you can suddenly feel free and leave negativity more easily. The precise effects always differ per person and at a time, but these experiences we hear from users a lot.

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