Apestoned Gorilla Bag

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Apestoned Gorilla Bag

Are you looking for a storage place for your rolling papers, tip, weed/hash, grinder and tobacco, but you don't have one yet?
can find a good product? The Gorilla Bag from Apestoned is the ideal solution. Due to the spacious and
The sleek design immediately shows what is in the bag. Because you keep everything in this you won't get anything
lose more and all your belongings can be found in a safe and well-arranged way. It
fiddling with boxes that are too small is a thing of the past when you use a Gorilla Bag!

The Gorilla Bag includes:
• Grinder
• A container for storage weed/hash
• Two joint holders
• Rolling tray
• Flannel packaging bag


No Messing, Easy and Odorproof

The Gorilla Bag is made for taking your spinning gear and rolling your joints
to make it easier. The storage tray will allow you to store your weed and hash safely and odor-proof
store and transport. The joint holders keep your pre-rolled joints safe and when you're outside
If you want to turn a bench, the rolling tray is the perfect tool. Do you smoke hash or weed now? With the
Gorilla Bag you will always have a grinder at hand!
In short, with the Gorilla Bag the tinkering is over and you have everything at hand to make a good joint
to turn!



Because we care about our planet, the accessories in the Gorilla Bag are made of ecological
biodegradable plastic. As much plastic as possible has been removed from the packaging to make as small a
possible footprint.


Benefits Gorilla Bag
• Everything at hand
• Good price/quality ratio
• Odorproof
• Splash-proof


L x W x H: 23 x 15 x 5

| Merlijn 29-06-2021 23:26

Top product!

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