C-Tip Conical Charcoal Filters (1 packs 25 tips )

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More and more smokers love the greatest possible taste experience with as few harmful substances as possible.

The patented conical CTIP carbon filter makes this possible. The harmful substances in the smoke attach themselves to the activated carbon in the filter that promotes taste and desirable effect.

The benefits of this fantastic filter include:

Perfect to roll yourself
Filtering of tar
A better taste
Leave the active substances
Less "sharpness" in the smoke
Absorption of harmful and toxic substances
Better air flow, which also benefits the taste
Filter made with aluminum housing, which is recyclable


The CCIP carbon filter is conical in shape and fits in our entire Combustors and vaporizers product line. But you can also use this filter perfectly in your self-turned joints. For example, the filter is ideal for users with a combustor but also for the people who like to roll myself (old-school).

Because there are no less than 25 CCEIP filters in every recycled bag, you can move forward for a long time and continue to enjoy the taste of your herbs. We recommend replacing the filter after 4-7 jack pods or 1-3 twisted joints.

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