CBD oil of biological origin





5% CBD


Hemp seed oil, CBD: 97mg, CBDa: 355mg, THC <0.2%, CBG, CBN, CBC, Terpene, Phenole, Flavonoide


Available in the flavors Natural (bitter) and Peppermint (fresh)


With regular use, 1 to 2 drops are placed under the tongue every day at a fixed time and the oil is not swallowed. In case of acute complaints, extra can be taken, but be careful with a high dose, habituation can occur.


For the production of Medihemp's CBD liquids, the top part of the hemp plant is used from their own organic farming. The hemp flowers are harvested by hand, carefully dried and finally sorted.

Medihemp hemp is produced in sunny Burgenland in Austria. No fertilizers are used in the production and the hemp plants are not treated with pesticides and herbicides. The production is fully organic certified by the EU (AT-BIO-301).

The cannabidiols are carefully extracted from the biologically produced hemp, especially CBDA and CBD, but also the flavonoid, terpene and phenole are richly present in the CBD liquids from Medihemp.

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