DUD Pyramid Hookah

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The DUD pyramid is a low price hookah made of laboratory grade glass. This hookah comes with many accessories: hose, bowl, diffuser... everything you need for great sessions! The DUD Pyramid has a big advantage, it has a great quality/price ratio. The thick and massive glass of this product makes this hookah very stable and resistant (eventhough it's still made of glass!).


Ideal for hookah smokers who love big smoke clouds, the DUD Pyramid is an easy to use and mount product. Eventhough its low price, this hookah is efficient and performant!


The DUD Pyramid has 18/8 hose connectors. You can thus fit any accessories, such as glass release valves if you like to frequently blow in your hose to empty the base, curved hose connectors and many more products available at Darnashop!


- DUD laboratory grade glass hookah

- Height: 51cm

- Integrated diffuser

- Glass phunnel bowl included

- Silicone hose and glass mouthpiece

- Glass tray included (do not place hot coals on it!)

- 18/8 hose connectors

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