Elements King Size Slim (BOX/50-32l)

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Elements King Size Slim rolling paper. Looking for a slow-burning, chemical-free tissue paper, look no further! Order a box of Elements King Size Slim rolling papers from us, a Spanish top brand, which consists of rice rolling paper. A thin line of Acacia gum is added to the rolling paper. The rolling paper burns up completely clean, except for a small line of residue from the carmelisation of the acacia gum.

Elements rolling paper makes use of the 4 elements, as the name implies:

Earth: The papers are made from earth-friendly products such as rice and sugar and burn without giving ashes.
Water: Each paper has a Criss-cross watermark so that the paper will burn evenly.
Wind: The entire development process uses wind energy.
Fire: The papers of Elements are developed for fire and will not go out due to the watermark.

Extra information:

  • Format: King Size Slim (110 x 44mm)
  • Weight: 12 g / m²
  • Ultra thin rice rolling paper
  • Thin layer of Acacia gum


  • A box of Elements King Size Slim
  • 32 blotting papers per package
  • 50 packs per box
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