Futurola Roller King Size

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Futurola Joint Roller for rolling solid joints

A joint roller is a handy device for people who find it difficult to roll a joint by hand. In addition, it is of course also very useful when you want to quickly roll a joint during a night out, at a festival, on the beach or in another place.

You can roll your king-size joint with a joint roller. The Futurola Joint Roller is of high quality and user-friendly!

This durable extra large joint roller is a product of the company 'Futurola'. The King Size Futurola joint roller can be used with all types of king size long rolling papers.

In the beginning, the rolling can be a bit stiff, but the more often you use the joint roller, it will become smoother.


How do I use the Futurola Joint Roller?

  1. Crush the product
  2. Place the tip on the shallow side of the mat
  3. Distribute product evenly over the turner
  4. Close the Futurola joint roller and roll down the small mat with both thumbs at the same time
  5. Place a piece of paper straight in the slot, with the adhesive edge facing you and facing up
  6. Roll the paper in the machine up to the adhesive edge
  7. Moisten the adhesive edge
  8. Roll further so that the joint makes a full turn
  9. Open the joint roller


The device is available in different colors:

  • Futurola Joint roller Black
  • Futurola Joint roller Gray
  • Futurola Joint roller White
  • Futurola Joint roller Purple
  • Futurola Joint roller Pink
  • Futurola Joint roller Blue
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