Grinder Aluminium 62mm 'After Grow' - Solinder Orange

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The Solinder grinder of the After Grow brand is made from a high-quality and durable aluminum grinder and cuts your herbs in the best parts in a few steps!
With a diameter of 62 mm, it can be rotated very easily because of the plastic ring in between the two rotating parts. Rounded edges inside the Solinder grinder prevent your herbs and crystals from settling down into the corners. Pollen dust gets collected in the lower part of the grinder where it can be scraped with the enclosed scraper. This robust grinder consists of four parts and has a pollen sieve and a strong magnetic lid. The After Grow Solinder grinder comes in a fancy and stylish box! 
  • 4-part
  • Wave Teeth
  • Hefty magnetic closure

Additional information:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: Diameter Ø 62 mm, Height: 48 mm
  • Color: Orange



  • Solinder 'After Grow' Grinder
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