Hemp Heroes Cannabis Boardgame 2-6 Players

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Hemp Heroes: Dominate The Cannabusiness, One Strain At A Time

Become the biggest Hemp Hero with this cannabis-themed board game that features everything you love about classic games, but with a cannabis twist. The game includes a colourful board and playing cards, plus bona fide Cannabis Gram Money. Fun guaranteed for groups of up to 6 people, sober, or while passing around a joint with some quality bud. Although, this might make it quite a challenge for the game master tasked with managing the bank…

After the Cannabis Bank has dealt your starting cash, try to get lucky by rolling the dice. Landing your pawn on an unsold cannabis strain or coffeeshop gives you the option of buying it. Any player who lands on somebody else’s property has to purchase a certain number of grams of cannabis. This amount is located on the owner’s property card. The goal of Hemp Heroes is to own all the cannabis strains from a company.

Once you do, up the stakes for your rivals by buying CBD bottles. These will be placed on your cannabis strains and will greatly increase the amount due when other players land on your property. Beware of the Smokercards! You never know if the next one you draw is something good or bad. You might even get busted and sent to jail, forced to sit out some rounds or bail yourself out.

With a good strategy and the odds in your favour, everybody else will find themselves out of stock soon. Are you the last remaining player with a cannabis stock? This makes you the winner of the game and the true Hemp Hero!

Game Content:
• 1 Hemp Heroes game board
• 6 pawns
• 24 cannabis strains/coffeeshop property cards
• Cannabis Gram money
• 30 Smokercards
• 2 dice
• 30 bottles of Mister Maka CBD oil

Language manual: German | English | French | Greek | English | Czech


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