Jaysafe Aluminium Joint Holder Case Rose onyx

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Jaysafe Aluminium joint Holder by Fire Flow

The JAYSAFE Aluminium Premium joint Holder Case is the world's first joint case with an innovative lid holder.

All common filter sizes from 1mm to 9mm in circumference can be stored safely and securely in the JAYSAFE.


Most Joint holders on the market are very limited as only certain filter sizes fit in the lid holder, if they are available at all

This means that the joint should simply be inserted loosely and due to the movement during transport, the entire mixture may fall out of the paper and you will have to re-roll the joint.

We were ultimately able to solve this problem with a specially developed conical silicone inlay. Exclusively and only in the JAYSAFE from FIRE-FLOW™.


  • extra grip, easy to open and close
  • Water resistant
  • Odor resistant
  • discreetly


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