CBD oil olive oil organic 6% - 10 ml

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CBD oil olive oil organic 6% (10 ml) pipette bottle

Spicy, sharp and a natural taste

This CBD oil is completely cold extracted and contains olive oil as a carrier oil. Due to the production process, this oil also contains a significant amount of CBDA in addition to CBD. Because olive oil is used instead of hemp seed oil, this CBD oil has a milder taste compared to the Raw. In addition, the oil is also rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids thanks to the pure olive oil.



Content and dosage

In the production of this olive oil with CBD, Medihemp has used a CBD paste as a base (30%) and added olive oil. The result is oil with a cannabidiol content of 6% (approximately 310mg CBD and 290mg CBDA). CBD and CBDa have a nearly 1: 1 ratio in this oil.

This bottle of CBD olive oil contains 10 ml. This is enough for about 200 drops. Because the oil contains less than 0.05% THC, getting high is impossible and the oil is also completely legal and allowed in the Netherlands.


Usage and dosage:

Shake well before use.

The correct dosage varies from person to person as everyone is unique and can react differently to the oil.

Starting with a low dose 3 x daily 1-2 drops and experiencing what it does for you is therefore recommended.


The dose can be increased by 1 drop per dose as needed.

We advise you not to mix this oil with water or anything else.

CBD is best absorbed by the mucous membranes, making it good to keep the oil in your mouth for a while before swallowing.


Storage and shelf life:

Preferably keep the oil in a cool and dark place.

However, preferably not in the refrigerator.

Can be stored for 1 year after opening.

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