Milky Way F1

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Journey through the stars with this hard-hitting F1 hybrid. Milky Way F1 will ignite your engines with a high THC content and an array of tasty terpenes. On top of that, her hybrid vigour will impress you in the grow room or garden with rewarding yields, rapid growing times, and resistance to disease and environmental stressors. Once you sow this variety, you'll never go back.


Milky Way F1 data sheet
Climate: Short Summers
Effect: Creative, Euphoric, Physically Relaxing
Flavor: Chocolate, Citrus, Pungent, Skunk
Flowering time: 7 weeks
Genetic Background: Blue Mammoth x Blue Dream x Sin Tra Bajo Auto
Harvest Month: 10 – 11 weeks after sprouting
Height Indoor: 60 - 75 cm
CBD: Low
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