Palo Santo sticks (holy wood) 4 sticks

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Palo Santo operation

Many healing properties have been attributed to Palo Santo in ancient times up to now. The ancient Maya and Incas already used it for rituals and cleaning rooms, but also for the healing power of the wonderfully scented wood. The Shamans of the past and certainly now use Palo Santo for flu, colds, asthma, stress, rheumatism, arthrosis, headaches, aura healings and depression. The wood has the power to bring a positive energy flow. Much praised is the combination with Sage. First burn Sage to make a space energy neutral and then Palo Santo to create a positive, soothing atmosphere. Because of this pleasant atmosphere it is also wonderful to use the sacred wood during meditations.


Where does Palo Santo come from?

We get our wood directly from the Andes mountains in Peru. Sacred wood has been used throughout South America for thousands of years. Not only by the Shamans of the Maya and the Incas but also by blessing the local population or simply to bring protection and a nice atmosphere to the house.


Is Palo Santo nature-friendly?

We buy our Palo Santo from a family business with an eco-friendly footprint. The wood is extracted naturally from branches or fallen trees. The good thing is that we can guarantee the best quality!


How do you use Palo Santo?

Hold a flame to the stick and wait for the stick to burn. Then you blow out the flame on the wood and keep blowing so that the wood starts to glow well. If it glows like a coal, you're in the right place! You can then place the wood in, for example, an Abalone shell or you can hold it in your hand. Blow the smoke through the room or around a person or use a smudge feather for this.

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