Plagron – Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL

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The Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL:

contains everything for cultivation on 1 m². The Top Grow Box is an ideal box if you find smell, taste and quality important. The organic basic nutrients Alga Grow and Alga Bloom in the box stimulate growth and flowering and improve the soil structure.



Read the instructions on the products in the Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL.



100 ml Alga Grow (NPK 4-2-4)

1 liter Alga Bloom (NPK 3-2-5)

100 ml Power Roots (NPK 0-0-2)

100 ml Vita Race (NPK 0-5-8)

100 ml Green Sensation (NPK 0-9-10)



One Top Grow Box contains basic nutrients, additives and the unique booster Green Sensation.

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