Indian Spirit Kratom – Green Maeng Da 25 gram

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Green Maeng Da is just as the name implies; Calm & Peaceful

When the word "Maeng Da" comes across a kratom user, it is clear that it will bring good. People confirm that this strain is very potent and can deliver the desired effects in a very short time.


What to expect from Green Maeng Da?

Green Maeng Da is a smooth strain that has a quick release mechanism. Unlike other Maeng Da strains, the green is mild but effective!



  • a huge confidence boost that was never apparent before
  • a keen sense of well-being & calm
  • prominent care of the personality
  • mild stimulation
  • social confidence and boost
  • more talkative approach
  • peaceful thoughts
  • mild stimulator
  • mild pain reliever

Users do not feel nauseous or anxious, as with some other strains, which is why it is increasingly used on a regular basis.


How to use Kratom

There are several ways to take kratom. You can chew, smoke or make tea from the leaves. The latter method is probably the easiest way to use kratom.

You will usually find kratom powder outside the countries of origin. Users report that a dose of 3-5 grams works well. There are also extracts, but you need less of them. In addition to your own body weight and sensitivity, the dosage also depends a lot on the strength of the kratom.

1 grams: mild effect

3 grams: reasonable effect

5 grams: normal dose

10 grams: strong effect

11+ grams: very strong effect

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