Indian Spirit Kratom – Sumatra White 25 gram


Effects of White Sumatra kratom

There are two sides to White Sumatra divided by the dosage. Some users report that White Sumatra is a very pungent and energizing herb, while others have reported it as a calming herb. This difference is due to the dosage. With White Sumatra, a more conventional dosage will produce a more classic stimulant effect. If the user takes a higher dose of White Sumatra, the user will experience an opposite effect that is more relaxing and calms and calms the body.


White Sumatra dosage

5 grams of White Sumatra makes you more emotional, focused and energized. It will take about 3-4 hours. However, if you use 10 grams of White Sumatra, you may feel extremely relaxed and may even want to go to sleep. The effect of this dose can last up to 6 hours. So make sure you take the correct dosage of White Sumatra.


How to use Kratom

There are several ways to take kratom. You can chew, smoke or make tea from the leaves. The latter method is probably the easiest way to use kratom.

You will usually find kratom powder outside the countries of origin. Users report that a dose of 3-5 grams works well. There are also extracts, but you need less of them. In addition to your own body weight and sensitivity, the dosage also depends a lot on the strength of the kratom.


1 grams: mild effect

3 grams: reasonable effect

5 grams: normal dose

10 grams: strong effect

11+ grams: very strong effect

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