Indian Spirit Kratom – White Borneo 25 gram

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White Borneo is perfect for days when you naturally run out of energy and hardly have the will to do your daily, always important chores. Just a dose of White Borneo Kratom is enough to get you going all day long. It not only provides energy, but also increases concentration and alertness.

The white variety of Kratom leaves is the choice of many people in their early 30s and 40s, who have a lot to care for and need a little nudge. It provides an immediate energy boost, which means it is powerful and faster than the coffee and other stimulants.

For example, you have a long, tight, jam-packed schedule that requires your utmost attention, dedication, and effort. However, you woke up with less than no will to get out of bed and looked forward to everything waiting for you. In that case, taking a dose of White Borneo kratom will come to your rescue. Due to the real-time effects on your body, your day will take a completely different direction than originally without Borneo Kratom.


How to use Kratom

There are several ways to take kratom. You can chew, smoke or make tea from the leaves. The latter method is probably the easiest way to use kratom.

You will usually find kratom powder outside the countries of origin. Users report that a dose of 3-5 grams works well. There are also extracts, but you need less of them. In addition to your own body weight and sensitivity, the dosage also depends a lot on the strength of the kratom.

1 grams: mild effect

3 grams: reasonable effect

5 grams: normal dose

10 grams: strong effect

11+ grams: very strong effect

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