Indian Spirit – White Water Lily 25 gram

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The white lotus or white water lily (Nymphaea alba) contains the substances nupharine and nymphaeine, which have a very unique effect. In the past, the herb was often used by people who wanted that little bit extra in the bedroom.

Nymphaea alba, also called European white water lily or white lotus, is a beautiful plant native to Europe. It is often confused with the Nymphaea lotus, the so-called Egyptian white water lily. This plant is also generally referred to by the name White Lotus. The white lotus is mainly used in Europe as an ornamental plant, just think of the dancing water lilies in Efteling.



The seeds are rich in starch, protein and oil. The seeds can be eaten raw or cooked, but can also be dried and ground into flour. The flour can be used to make bread or soup. You can also consume these petals as a tea, smoked or soaked in wine. Our white lotus, which we sell in the store, works best as a tea.



Nymphaea alba has a number of special use effects. For many hundreds of years this plant has been consumed for spiritual purposes, among other things. Today it is still a popular remedy because it has a fairly special effect. It is mainly the alkaloids nupharine and nymphaeine that are responsible for the desired effects of white lotus.


  • White Lotus has both a narcotic and euphoric effect.
  • Like blue lotus, the flower is said to increase sexuality and arousal.



  • To make tea, soak about 5 grams of white lotus in hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • You can also soak the plant in wine for several hours. Use about 5 grams per bottle for this. Do not use too much: white Lotus makes the wine bitter and difficult to drink.
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